I love advice, please give me yours

  1. I love advice, please give me yours

    So last Sunday I just finished up a 4 week run of Dermacrine LV with Formestane LV (with OEP as well). This run was great success for make glorious benefit of me:

    I started my Sustain Alpha LV yesterday. I have started the second bottle of HGHup yesterday too. It was run continuously for the four weeks of my derm/form cycle. I am running that for the next four weeks as well because I have read alot about it being best run for 8 weeks. I am obviously continuously taking all the staples:
    ON Gold Standard Whey
    Universal Omega
    Xtend BCAAs
    NO Shotgun
    Orange Triad

    Now down to business:
    I was thinking of pushing my next month of lifting even harder (since I barely consider this a PCT with Sustain Alpha, and most think Derm/Form doesn't need one, but just covering myself). My lifting partner just finished running Universal's M Stak and liked it. Plus, it is only a 21 day run with that, it would be perfect to start next week along with everything else. I am a big fan of Universal's products, but I also want to research before buying, so I wanted your thought before I ordered it. It gets good reviews on all of the selling websites, but I want real world forum feedback. Let me know what you think about running it now.

  2. Bump, experiences with M Stak?

  3. Never tried Animal M Stack but the profile looks good in it to me. I love universal products as well i usually use Shock Therapy for my stim prework out and gotta love Animal Paks for a multi.

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