Sooo.... I just bought some MuscleTech stuff...

  1. Arrow Sooo.... I just bought some MuscleTech stuff...

    Well guys, I just did something I never thought I would. I just exchanged real U.S. currency for MucleTech's Nitrotech and Celltech.


    GNC had it on huge clearance. I was originally going to pick up some more ON whey protein when the GNC rep asked me if I had ever tried Nitrotech. I just laughed and told him that I typically stay away from MuscleTech stuff. But then he told me that the big size (almost 7lbs I think) was around $20.

    60 something servings for around $20? Might as well!

    It turns out that they're getting rid of it because of the new muscletech line that is coming out.

    Then I got sucked in to buying some cell tech as well. I'll probably save that for a christmas gift or something XD.

    So guys, did I make a poor choice? I mean, a protein is a protein, right? It couldn't possibly hurt to give it a shot...

    I can't wait to get shredded like the guys in the pictures!!!!!! (Haha)

    By the way, my total price was $80 for the nitrotech, celltech, and Jack3d.

  2. well, the whole thing on MT is that its overpriced for the quality (or lack thereof)...

    how many scoops per serving?

    if its 60 servings for 20$ - go for it

    if its 60 scoops, and 3-4 scoops per serving... nix that.

  3. 1 scoop per serving from what I can see. 64 servings per tub. I got the vanilla and it doesn't taste half bad with milk.

  4. then have at it bro... good luck

  5. There is just tons of garbage in there you don't need though.

    Nutra has like 84 or something like that scoops in it, its ten dollars more, alot better, great value as is.

    I can't think of a way some one could pressure me into buying Celltech. Seriously. I don't care if its free, I don't want it. That is just stupid spending on your part. How much was it that you paid for sugar?

    Im too young for Diabeazys.

  6. didnt pay 20$ lol, go pick me up some and I'll paypal you! Let me know what flavors are available.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by henryhavoc View Post
    I mean, a protein is a protein, right?

  8. I would have bought it too.. 20 for 64 serving and no shipping charges.

    You made a good buy. The cell-tech though, I would rather eat rat poison then 75g of DEXTROSE.

  9. Protein is protein and at that price you made out good, The celltech however is a waste of money. If your gonna get a creatine product stick with good ol micronized or creaform creatine without all the sugar in it.
    ôLord, whom shall we go away to? You have sayings of everlasting life"- John 6:68

  10. nitrotech for 20 $,not a bad buy imo, but why are you going there anyways for jacked and ON's whey?you still probably paid too much for the jacked.the GNC rep definitely made about 10 bucks commish off you too.i used to work there, and half the battle is just getting people in the store.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by BigBeazy View Post
    Im too young for Diabeazys.

  12. I bought the cell tech because it was very cheap as well. $32 I think when it retails for $70? Haven't even opened it... Like I said before, I'm probably going to save it for a christmas present lol.

    I think they just had vanilla and banana on clearance... I got the vanilla.

    And to whoever said I was wrong for thinking a protein is a protein... Can you explain more? The protein in nitrotech is very similar to ON protein and other wheys... It's just a blend of isolate and concentrate... I understand that some proteins are different than others (casein vs whey), but in this case, I think I made out well.

    And the Jack3d was only $30. Cheaper than buying it online because of the shipping.


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