Cordyceps (Mushroom from worm's)

  1. Cordyceps (Mushroom from worm's)

    At least 1,500 years ago, Tibetan herders observed that yaks would eat Cordyceps and then frolic with great energy and "passion". This encouraged the herders to experience the power of Cordyceps, which has led to its use by hundreds of millions of people over the ages. In 1993, Chinese National Track and Field Team attributed their success in breaking three World Records in part to their use of Cordyceps. MycoMedicinals® Cordyceps has been clinically shown to increase Natural Killer (NK) Cell activity by up to 230%.* For maximum benefit take with New Chapter's Ginger force™ Supercritical Therapy® formulation to increase and activity.

    Im taking these from a recomendation from a good friend who is a Holistic Doctor.He put me on them for other reasons,I have high blood pressure and he claims this stuff will help.I have done some research and appears to be some evidence that these macronutrients Fungi, has some merit...Just wondering if any of you guy's have tried these,I am taking 2 grams a day of them and I just started yesterday...In 2 weeks I have to retake my pressure reading, my current pressure is 138 over 110...My diet is great I train 4 times per week I do drink ton's of coffee and I love salt.Im cutting the coffee and switched to Celtic sea salt, I have been taking ephedrine but I went off the entire week before my reading..I will let you know what it is in 2 weeks to see if mushrooms work for high blood pressure...any thought's about Cordyceps or anything else that worked for you.....Thanx

    PS:No Alcohol and no smoking either plus no ephedrine....Diet is great all healthy stuff...

  2. I might be trialing it mixed with some other endurance supps in a month or so. I might get a contract which will require rigorous hiking and mountain climbing so I was thinking of mixing cordyceps, citrulline maleate, siberian ginseng and glutamine peptides in order to boost endurance and try to maintain my LBM. We shall see.

    Good luck with your diet and BP, keep us posted on the cordyceps.

  3. Edited: Ops I should read a little more before I post!


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