taking a hair and urine test

  1. taking a hair and urine test

    I am currently on taking clenbuterol. and just got done with a cycle of finaflex. I was wondering if clen will show up as amphetamines and if the finaflex would show up at all. It's been 2 months since i finished the finaflex.
    Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

  2. hair test can show pretty far back so it depends on who is doing the testing and how far back they care about.

    Like if it's for the PD of FD i beleive they check back six months or something.

  3. yeah its for bmw, they are going back 90 days. sucks i just started the clen, last monday. didn't know it would be that extensive.

  4. there is shampoos out there that'll help you pass that test. unfortunately, i do not know the names of any.

  5. you should be fine



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