L-carnitine tartrate

  1. L-carnitine tartrate

    So LCT is supposed to sensitize androgen receptors?

    Is this good to stack with something androgenic and will I notice a difference?

  2. it's suppossed to upregulate AR's.


    Use googlescholar adn you can llok up the clinical studies done on LCLT.

  3. I planning make a test with PP AndroHard and LCLT i make a thread for this:

    PP AndroHard=Dihydrotestosterone

  4. it does help. i stacked it with 6-bromo and it amplified the gains. go for about ~3g/day

  5. Im running ArginoCarn and GPLC from Primordial Performance. Just from these alone im seeing a nice difference. Imo 2 of the best forms out right now. I wish NP was still carrying the L tartrate powder.



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