What can i mix with Xtend or BC+EAA? Other bulk supps

  1. What can i mix with Xtend or BC+EAA? Other bulk supps

    I was going to buy Xtend BCAA or a cheaper alternative on nutraplant but and maybe some AAKG but does it mix with water ok? should i buy their melon flavoring? or just use crystal light? I might just cap the other sups but i just want something good to sip on while i work out and mix the best bulk supps together.. Thanks

  2. Xtend is by far the best I've used.

  3. Crystal light works pretty good. I used to mix it with EAA's, bulk creatine, and sometimes high GI carbs and then drink it during my w/o. It doesn't completely mask flavors but it makes it tolerable.

    IMO lemonade and pink lemonade mask bulk flavors the best

  4. nothing can mask the flavor of thoses LG grape bcaa+eaa, but mixing 6 scoops watermelon xtend with 3 LG and its a vast improvement in the flavor.

  5. Have anyone tried mixing it with Organic Vitaberry from PP
    Diet is always the key to unlocking the door of success


  6. Hmmm... guess ill have to try a few things Thanks guys


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