rpn havoc vs mdrol?

  1. rpn havoc vs mdrol?

    im aware mdrol is the more powerful as well as the harsher PH, but i have friends who have used mdrol and seen ridiculous gains after only 2 weeks.

    Which would do my body less harm, a 4 week havoc cycle at 10/20/20/30

    or a 3 week mdrol cycle at 10/10/10 or 20 depending on gains.

    Keep in mind this is my first PH cycle, i already have a SERM on hand as well as AI Cycle support

  2. wrong section man...switch to anabolics

    Short answer, havoc, assuming youre not 19.

  3. an m-drol/epi bridge is where its at for retaining gains....

  4. gamer2be08, hit the nail on the head, but if you got to choose go with the m-drol, with that said make sure you have your pct together first and your support supps, and all should go pretty well, good luck, hope all goes well but like i said make sure you got your supports supps and pct together or else your going to have a bad experience with either or. EACH ONE TEACH ONE

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