too much creatine and arginine?

  1. too much creatine and arginine?

    I'm taking Animal Pump and Shock Therapy pre wo? Should I take a standalone creatine and arginine post wo? The shock therapy contains ~3 g creatine (or so I've gathered from other boards, though it's not stated on the container) but isn't it advantageous to take these supplements post wo also?

  2. i take creatine pre and post. arginine is more of a pump thing, so it's best pre workout.

  3. creatine after workout is good and i would wait till before bed for argenine but after workout and before bed would be good to

  4. I take 2 scoups of jacked3d W/ 5g's of AAKG. So around 7g's of Arg, and 2.5 creatine.

    I wouldnt run 2 pre WO drinks. thats a little much, unless your going half scoup 1, half scoup 2. You should only take creatine pre & post WO or right when you wake up(10g max daliy). AAKG can be taken any time throughout the day as long as your on an empty stomach. People sometimes take large doses of it for growth horomone boosts(6g's+). NO boosts only take 3-4g's.

    I take 1.5 scoup of afterglow PWO.

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