reversitol v2 and H-drol

  1. reversitol v2 and H-drol

    i am starting a 5 week cycle of h-drol and while on the cycle i am going to take reversitol v2 with it so i would like to know whether i can take them at the same time? As in 1 h-drol and 1 reversitol in the morning and the same for night time? If not, how should i dose the reversitol?


  2. if i take during my cycle would it effect my results from h drol?

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  4. so if i were to take it during the cycle i wouldn't get the same results from h drol?

  5. The hdrol would be just as effective, but RV2 is best used to compliment your PCT (which I assume you have planned?). Use RV2 in your PCT not during your cycle of hdrol.

  6. Agreed with above. Bo point using it on cycle as halodrol does not aromatizs. Rv2 would be an awesome pct for it though

  7. ok thanks


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