Anyone tired Orotine by MAN

  1. Anyone tired Orotine by MAN

    Was somewhat interested by this product. Not really any reviews on it though. I take my creatine in caps and this doesn't cost much more than regular creatine caps. I will probably pick a bottle up to try, just wondering if anyone has any experience.

  2. Not specifically Orotine, but I've used many buckets of Clout, which uses orotine, and I've used green bulge, which has orotic acid and creatine. Clout is as good as a performance enhancing supp gets, and green bulge increased strength abnormally. You will see increased benefits over monohydrate.

  3. not liked it

  4. This not sense. ^

  5. Increased strength abnormally eh? Sounds pretty good to me.

  6. Yes, check it: I was taking NOS Ether Level 1, which has 3gr creatine per serving, iirc. I finished a 60 serving can of that, then went straight into logging Green Bulge. I was working out in 3 20 minute sessions a day, before 3 2 hours intense judo classes. Weight and reps went up significantly, despite burning a ****ton of calories in judo, and not trying to bulk or anything. I went off GB straight to cre02, and lost strength (but gained endurance, which is where cre02 shines).

    that's just insane. I'm not sure what did it, I assume the orotic acid.

  7. Orotine rocks
    Team Orbit

  8. i read that it is the only creatine that has been used in the medical fields

  9. I'm curious about this as well.
    Creatine Mono has been around forever.

    I'd like to see more info on this.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by lyfespan View Post
    i read that it is the only creatine that has been used in the medical fields
    What is creatine used for in the medical field?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Killerkanadia View Post
    What is creatine used for in the medical field?
    google-cochrane collaboration, for one example.

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  12. I tried Orotine last year as a last option shot at creatine since I am a 'non responder'. I took the suggested 10g a day and stuck with it for 6 weeks. I also mixed in some beta alanine I bought in bulk and after the workouts I took 2 servings of Monster Maize (it was on sale big time at GNC so why not).

    Results: This did nothing for me. I think if you are a non-responder it probably won't work for you either. But if you respond to regular mono I don't see how you couldn't benefit more from the orotate form seeing how it is the most potent form (and expensive).

  13. really good product, one of the better creatine options out there along with trinitine.
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