How long can you stay on Lean Xtreme?

  1. How long can you stay on Lean Xtreme?

    Please submit an answer =)

  2. Excellent question, I was wondering the same thing! I was thinking of running a low dose stack of LX (2 caps), 6-Bromo (25-50mg) and DHEA (50mg) for 8 weeks to see what kind of a recomp. it would do, if at all. I've heard some positive notes for DHEA for those that are a bit older (I'm 45) but I also have some concerns for excess Estrogen (that's where the 6-bromo comes in). I've used Lean Xtreme in the past and I really like it.

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    Please submit an answer =)
    Due to the nature of the product, the longest I would recommend running Lean Xtreme would be 12 weeks/3 months (i.e. 3 bottles).

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  4. We have had people take Lean Xtreme and Alpha-T2 stacked for 8 weeks straight
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  5. Thanks guys! Will continue for 6 weeks more then!



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