sesathin and females?

  1. sesathin and females?

    wondering if it would be just as effective in thinkiing probably, but figured i would ask. I am trying to give my sis something, who has done very well with her body recomp...we have a fat

    anything else that does not stim CNS ?


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    I have a few female clients using it and they love it. Some women have also reported that it has made their menstral cycles easier(shorter w/less cramping). One of my clients can atest to that.

  3. "I think 3g a bit high for a female, because they are smaller. I would start with 1.5g and add .5g each week, if you are tolerating it fine.

    People should be aware that bodyweight will affect dosing on almost any supplement or drug."

    This is what Par suggested for females over at the Avant boards.

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