Good Pre workout Shake??

  1. Good Pre workout Shake??

    My pre workout shake Consists of:

    Kwik Karbs
    Taurine Powder
    Flax Oil

    Is this good?

  2. Any help guys??

  3. I cant drink protein preworkout. Makes me sick

    That looks more like a postworkout shake. I would just go with something like jack3d or one of the popular pre WO mixes for pre
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  4. Umm, might be a good idea to split up your creatine and glutamine, its a waste both of these supplements want to go to the same place and only one gets in.
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  5. Well these are just the supplements im interested in taking already ordered them i dont know what order i should take them though.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by FranklinH357 View Post
    Any help guys??
    im not really into the whole NO pre workout drink thing cause they make me crash to hard so i usually just do two shots of espresso with ice and some milk in a shaker, or a couple bags of green tea. These two give me more energy than any pre workout drink ive used.

  7. When do you take this pre workout shake?
    I'd recommend a shake about 1.5hrs pre-workout, no later.

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