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  1. Test Booster- Neogenix supremecy
    Pre-Workout- Hemavol

    Overall- EAA's
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  2. Recenty took the following stack with much success. I even think I noted in my log where I ran it that my strength increase was almost up there with the original 1-AD.

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  3. 1-preworkout - Anabolic Ignite + FocusXT

    2 - recovery- Formula-X HANDS DOWNS!

    3 -body composition- TitaniumXL/Division1/Erase

    4-strength- Food + P-Slin + Fenugreek(TitaniumXL!)
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla View Post
    1-preworkout - Meso, Lit up

    2 - recovery - Protein, BCAA

    3 -body composition IGF 2

    4-strength - Prime, AnaBeta
    What kind of gains did you see with Prime?

  5. Creatine is arguably hormonal. There i said it...
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  6. 1- Maximize or Hemavol (or both)

    2- Myogenix Aftershock

    3- diet + BCAA's

    4- DAA and Creatine

    I'd say best overall would have to be, for me, a good protein powder, and BCAA's + EAA's


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