4 week Methyl-E cycle question

  1. 4 week Methyl-E cycle question

    How would you support and pct this cycle

    Week 1 20mg
    Week 2 30mg (20 mg first 2 days)
    Week 3 -30mg
    Week 4 30mg

    I have nolva, just not looking to break the bank with such a simple cycle.

    Cutting/recomp would be my goal

  2. Wrong section but the cycle looks pretty good. This is your first cycle im assuming?Maybe try 40mg the last 2 weeks, seems to be the sweet spot with epi.

    Supports take some milk thistle 1000mg a day and some hawthorn berry for BP. Run the nolva 20/20/20/20 should be good to go. Maybe throw in a test booster.

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