Any one have any experience of iForce Adipoxil?

  1. Any one have any experience of iForce Adipoxil?

    Hi guys,

    iForce nutrition's new adipoxil has just become available in the UK. Just wanted to know if anyone has used this and how does it compare to the recent big guns of the fat burning world such as OEP.



  2. I lost 9.2 lbs while I was on it. Keep my workouts the same and did manage to eat a bit less due to an intense appetite suppression.

    Good energy, good thermogenic effect, awesome appetite suppression.

    Definitely some people are going to dislike the feeling you get in your stomach after dosing, but by the end of the bottle I didn't even notice it.

    We are giving away a 3 day sample to 20 people at our company forum on here. I would link you to it but we just came over here so I don't have enough posts to do so I guess.

  3. To eliminate the stomach sensation, take it with a meal

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