musclemax is it the right choice?

  1. Thumbs down musclemax is it the right choice?

    what does everyone think of promax extreme,

    bought a tub today for 42.99 and im pretty sure its a fortnights supply.

    current weight 158

    Aim weight 210

    need a protein powder that will help put on alot of muscle.

    My diet is very good alot of high protein foods.

    Plenty of rest at night.

    currenty using Bio-Synergy Creatine Plus as well.

    So basicly my main question is do you think with this protein powder and creatine i can get the gains im after.

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  2. You paid ~$90 for 2lb of protein? Holy cow, man, you got ripped. Big time.
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  3. i hate max muscle just as much as gnc....the guy who owns or runs the one near me used to try and sell me all kinds of nonsense....even the local gnc's don't do that around here...i will also never buy their products because of that guy
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  4. thanks for everyones input will try something new



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