Natadrol users, please chime in!

  1. Natadrol users, please chime in!

    Has any bloodwork been done? Hormone or full panel work? Liver toxicity? Can someone please school me on this supplement besides copy and pasting what it says on LG's site.

    Is it a prohormone? Is it not a prohormone? Im competing in Natural Federations next year and am totally clean. You also must be clean for many many years to prevent those who use, to just stop using and hop in a natural organization. So, if this is a precursor, its no good because even though Im doing natty shows next year, this may show up if its a prohormone is metabolite of sorts????

    I need info quick, also on dosing and it seems 2bottles are needed? How long will that last and how would you suggest dosing it???

  2. How is pct needed if its a non androgenic and naturally occuring. Sounds like its a claim to make you buy more product hence they mention lg t-911 etc etc

  3. It is androgenic (hence the need for PCT) but it is not steroidal.

    People are doing 6-8 per day in divided doses

  4. an androgenic outside source will raise base levels hence the need for pct you say, so how the fluck would it not trigger a false reading? it makes NO sense!

    readings either show metabolites or unbalanced t/e ratios....

    natadrol must trigger one of these if it is thus an actual androgenic source. There is no way around it. Hence no studies to prove otherwise.

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