Thermolife E-BOL

  1. Thermolife E-BOL

    Anyone try it?

    Love me some ECD.

  2. last fall, i ran 2 bottles alongside the blueprint program, with excellent results.

  3. i have used it. good results for a non ph.i had better strenght gaines with t-bol. would like to stack the 2 maybe this summer.

  4. Not enough ecdy. BTW, I found an ecdy source.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Well WTF Rodja - and NO PM's??

    PS: Yes, I saw the tiny amount of ECD. I wonder if they procured some very LEGIT or potent form of it as I have been readind positives on the stuff. "Something's" going on with it beyond placebo.



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