Comming of stims and EC - Reset AD and Cortisol

  1. Comming of stims and EC - Reset AD and Cortisol

    So for the roughly the past year I have been on and off stims, including jack3d and superpump 250. I did a 4 week run of DS Lean Xtreme and Adrenalean and then jumped from that right into EC (25mg E and 200mg C three times a day). I feel like when I am done with my EC stack in the next 10 or so days I will need a little break.

    Would it be wise to run Reset AD for four weeks with just some creatine, a good multi, and fish oil? also school will be ending and I tend to stress easy and have slightly elevated coritsol issues so I was thinking maybe something for that, to help keep the fat off.

    Let me have some ideas, thanks guys appreciate it.

  2. Definitely! Many members here have a very positive outlook of that product, and after a cycle of stims, it always helps to clean off your response.

  3. What about something to control cortisol to go along with reset AD? Maybe just LX for the four weeks I take Reset AD?

    After the four weeks of Reset (and maybe some cortisol product) I plan to start up a summer bulk cycle.

  4. I recommend it, you should really enjoy the two together.

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