Maximum Absorbed Protein - Primordial Performance

  1. Maximum Absorbed Protein - Primordial Performance

    So I ran out of my ****ty Syntha-6 and am currently searching for newer high quality protein. I am very interested in Primordial Performance's Map. My questions are:

    1. How does this compare to a hydrosolate for post-workout recovery?
    2. How does this compare to your typical protein for use throughout the day, and could it serve that purpose?
    3. How much science is behind the concept?
    4. Are there any better products for the money for post workout recovery?

    And finally, how are the reviews for this product? Taste, effectiveness, quality in class?

    Which taste is best?

    Any suggestions for best use?

    Thank you and sorry for all the questions.
    Primordial Performance has always interested me and after reading countless reviews and research, I intend to sell my soul to their products and ideas.

  2. MAP, wich is Pepto Pro is amazing. Basically anything whey Iso or Hydro can do, Pepto Pro can do better. I used to order a lot of this through Protein Factory, but the cost and shipping made it hard to always buy. Now its available through Primordial Performance and thats even better news. Flavored with freeze dried fruit and cost less than PF. Plus you can get free shipping on orders over 75 bucks.

  3. Good deal, I have read through a few of the reviews and it sounds very positive, Im just hoping to hear some update and answers. Keep them coming!

  4. Woot ordered Strawberry lemonade and Mango!

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