N amino 2222

  1. N amino 2222

    just got amino 2222 from optimun nutrition not sure when durring the day to take it any advice?

  2. Take them with every meal and/or before and after training. I use Universal Uni-liver. I take them with every meal, 30 mins before WO, after WO, and before bed.

  3. do i spred a single dose through out the day then?

  4. No, one dose a day isn't enough. Depending on how hard you are training you need at least 3 servings a day with meals or just take 1 serving before and 1 serving after a workout. If you are training hard then do 1 serving with each meal, and 1 before and 1 after your workouts. I know it sounds like alot but it will help with recovery, hardness, and muscle growth.

  5. thanx

  6. no problem, good luck!


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