volume of 500mg bulk ALCAR and dosing protocol

  1. Question volume of 500mg bulk ALCAR and dosing protocol

    I bought the bulk ALCAR from Nutra this time and was wondering what the volume of 500mg of ALCAR was? tsp?, 1/2 tsp? a scoop or serving measurer did not come with the bulk item.

    Also, I usually take 1 g (had the capsule form before) pre morning workout and 1 g pre afternoon workout .. one wkout is cardio and one if a lift and it changes depending on what kind of time I have...

    What are your dosing protocols?? The bulk directions say 500mgs three to four times daily

  2. i found this


    and after a little reseach many people take up to 3 g a day ?? is that too much ? if I dose 1.5 g = 1/2 tsp twice daily?

    I take Glycobol as well which main ingedient is R-ALA.. will this work synergistically with ALCAR or must they be taken at the same time for the effects?

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