Certified Personal Trainer - What organization is best?

  1. Certified Personal Trainer - What organization is best?

    I wish to pursure this. Which organization is the most respected and recognized?

  2. NSCA and ACSM.

    How far do you want to go with this? If you just want to be a personal trainer, go for NSCA-CPT or ACSM. To go beyond, try to get yor CSCS from NSCA. I'm USAW-Certified and I'm going after my CSCS. I'm not willing to become a just another personal trainer, though.

    And why post this in the "Supplements" forum...???
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  3. NASM, you will have to study very hard though so be prepared!

  4. You end up choosing? Have success?
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  5. I've been interested in this as well.
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