NutraPro vs Dymatize Elite Whey

  1. Question NutraPro vs Dymatize Elite Whey

    Ive been using the Dymatize Elite whey for a while now with good results but wouldn't mind trying something new. I know Nutra is trying to make this one of the premium blends. There ingredient profiles are very similar except Dymatize lists ultra pure cross-flow microfiltration whey protein isolate first and then Ultra pure, instantized ion-exchanged whey protein concentrate second. Nutrapro list the same pretien but the concentrate first and then the isolate meaning less iso. Also the dymatize has digestive enzyme.

    I can get either one for the same price but i think the dymatize wins here. What do u guys think. Should I go with nutrapro to try something new or stick with the dymatize?

  2. If you have a sensitive stomach stick to the high ISO%. If not, go ahead and make a switch. Iso does have more protein per gram than concentrate does and usually less sodium.

  3. why didnt/ doesnt NP make an isolate?

  4. I think they are playing it nice and slow. Release one kinda protein, and get a feel for the feedback. Then you create something else. I'm sure in do time NP will have quiet the line of protein powders available. Hell they may even corner the market.

    I've been using dymatize whey iso, and 12hr release mix, recently. You can't beat the price of bulk.

    I also just picked up a tub of Nutrapro. Its good to have variety. I can't wait to try it.

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