3-test-oxo Safe?

  1. 3-test-oxo Safe?

    *** 3-Test-Oxo INGREDIENTS***
    *Anabolic Activator Stack: (5-Methyl-7-Methoxy Iosflavone, Rhaponticum Carthamoides, Muira Puama, Tonngkat All, Ajuga Turkestanica) =25mg
    *Triple Threat Testosterone Stack: (German Tribulus Terrestris (Saponins & Protodioscin) =1450 mg
    *6'7' dihydroxybergamottin (DHB) =50mg
    *Anti-Estrogen: (Chrysin, DIM, Red Clover extract) =15mg

    Got this with 5-Decazol which i will absolutely will not be taking now that i found it is just a replicate of 2 differnt steroids. Bought because got it at half price because manager is friend of mine and apparently an idiot for not looking this stuff up. Extremely liver toxic and with zero research to indiate its safety. I'll leave that stuff to the people who dont care about their liver enzymes for me not worth it. Will be the last time i use people testimony to find out if something is good or not.

    However i did take it for 2 days with liver support before realizing something was wrong and that i should research this. Will this shut me down? I have a OTC PCT but i dont think i should really need it? Secondly will the 3 test oxo be safe it seems fine except for the Anabolic Activator Stack: (5-Methyl-7-Methoxy Iosflavone, Rhaponticum Carthamoides, Muira Puama, Tonngkat All, Ajuga Turkestanica) seems shady?

    So my question is 3-test-oxo liver toxic or is just a regular natural test booster any insight would be great?

    Also suggestions on good safe products to boost test levels would be great.
    I am 26 years old.

  2. yes 3 test oxo is safe to take its not a steroid . not saying its a good one, it was when it had 6-oxo in it but now it doesnt so idk, id rather have something thats tried and true, testopro, stoked, sustain, recycle

  3. Only 1 response really?

  4. what else do you want I already answered your question , its a natty test booster not a steroid, its not liver toxic. The "Anabolic activator stack" is all common ingredients Methyl-7-Methoxy Iosflavone, ,
    Tonngkat Ali Aka Long Jack
    Rhaponticum Carthamoides Ajuga Turkestanica both forms of ecdy
    Muira Puama also known as potency wood. its all natural herbs

  5. Alright thanks also i paid 150 for 3-test oxo, 5 deca zol, and re cycle. I cant pm cause i dont have 7 posts;p

  6. I suggest returning the products, getting your money back, and looking into the suggested stacks here at the board

  7. hey same thing happend to me and i could use some help. i went to complete nutrition and the guys like this stuff is the stuff. so i got it took it for 9 days then i thought wow i wonder what this stuff is doin for other people and im kinda freaked out now. i immediately stoped and now im taking the pct they gave me to take, its 6-estro-pct. the guy said that was all i need to put my body completely back to normal but i went ahead and grabed the 3-test-oxo while i was there just in case. is this enough? i need like a step by step on how to get off this stuff to wear my hormones wont get screwed up. i want to completely stop taking these pills so if you could give me some info on how long i should take it and what not that would be great

  8. I'm getting ready to start 3-Test-OXO. What else do I need?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by BEAST74 View Post
    I'm getting ready to start 3-Test-OXO. What else do I need?
    To keep the receipt and check the return policy.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja

    To keep the receipt and check the return policy.
    Do you not like this or is it not good

  11. Too expensive for a piss poor product
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  12. Wow

    It's almost as if they're trying to fool someone into thinking there's a methyl designer roid in there with that Anabolic Activator Stack. That's about $10 worth of natty boosters... it's as safe as a placebo...


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