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    As we all know, most ephedra (Ma Huang) based products are going off the market. This is due to the fact that most supplement mfgs cannot get insurance on ECAs because the rates are too high due to 'sue happy' Americans. Once these are gone, they will be gone forever, replaced by "ephedra free" formulas which generally have little or no effect at all.

    However, there are some providers of bulk ephedra around. The problem is knowning whether or not it has been synthesized to include the ephedrine alkaloids that are the key ingredient in the ECA. Without knowing this, it is hard to say. But here is a partial list of providers that sell this herb in bulk.

    Ephedra Herb (Ephedra sinica; Ma Huang) 5:1 Extract Powder 100 gm: V
    "This is a potent 5 to 1 powdered extract, meaning that one gram of extract is equal in potency to 5 grams of herb. Ephedra sinica and Ephedra nevadensis have the same active ingredients, the alkaloids ephedrine and pseudoephedrine."
    3.50oz - $25.76
    Ephedra Herb (Ephedra sinica; Ma Huang) C/S 16 oz: V
    16oz - $23.18
    Ephedra Herb (Ephedra sinica; Ma Huang) Powder 16 oz: V
    Ephedra Root (Ephedra sinica; Ma Huang Gen) 5:1 Extract Powder 100 gm: V
    Ephedra Root (Ephedra sinica; Ma Huang Gen) C/S 16 oz: V
    Ephedra Root (Ephedra sinica; Ma Huang Gen) Powder 16 oz: V

    Ephedra Herb (Ma Huang) Ephedra sinica China $9.95 for 1lb

    Ma Huang Herb - Ephedra sinica
    herb - 1oz for $1.00
    root, sliced - 1oz for $1.50

    ** EPHEDRA (MA HUANG) 20:1 ** - Ephedra Sinica
    1oz for $11.85 - 2oz for $24.85 - 4oz for $37.85
    (This looks to be one of the highest potencies available, similar to what is included in the ECA stack)

    114400 Ma Huang 8% Total Alkaloids (Ephedrine) Standardized Extract $25.45 for 1/2lb

    There looks to be many more, but these seem like the best. Although I can't vouch for any of them since I haven't ordered from them, they look like decent websites and honorable companies. (I skipped a lot that looked weird or had weird order forms) If you want to keep looking, you can do a search on Google for "Ma Huang bulk" and see what you can come up with.

    Once you have these, you can purchase a pill capping machine from Kilosports for around $10-20 and some capsules and create your own ECA stacks.

    Once these items are gone, Ephedrine HCL and pseudoephedrine will still be available in small amounts in OTC cold & cough medicines. You cannot order these in bulk because they can be used in manufacturing methamphetamines. However, if you like your ECA I recommend you stock up now and freeze or refrigerate them because they won't be around for much longer.

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