Need Help gaining weight

  1. Need Help gaining weight

    Hey I am 28 years old 5'10 and 155 lbs. I need help and advice on what products/'Supplements" to use in order to gain weight. It is very difficult for me to gain weight. No matter what i do or use it is very difficult to do so. someone, please help me out. please device a supplements lists and diet plan for me to gain the 20lbs of weight that I desire. you can use this forum or you can email me at cmoney050 at gmail dot com. please help me out!! Thank you so much!

  2. Chocolate milk. lots of chocolate milk.
    You could always add whey powder, or anything else to it really if wanted extra nutrients.
    I had trouble gaining weight when I first started and chocolate milk was my weight gainer shake because it was too expensive for me to buy an actual weightgainer.

    Chocolate milk+whey protein is better anyways IMO

  3. for a weight gainer, I've always been a huge fan of serious mass by optimum nutrition. the banana flavor is flawless imo. one scoop of that with whole milk supply's both your protein and plenty of calories.

    you should also make a habit of buying coldcuts once a week.
    ham, chicken, bologna, Pastrami, ect.

    and for snacks I usually take a tortilla and some cheese and make cheese melts.

  4. what about weight gainer and animal stack and animal pack? I want to gain like 15-20 lbs. I would predominately like to gain 30 lbs but i don't think that is possible w/o the use of the "gear"; unless someone can fill me in on that kind of info and email me at cmoney050 at gmail dot com

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