Question about weight gainers and muscle builders

  1. Question about weight gainers and muscle builders

    Please forgive me ignorance about all of this but I have some questions....
    My 16 yr old son is looking to add weight and add muscle. He is pretty built to me already. 6 foot 180 but lean muscle. He has been looking at this Arimatest ..We have been fighting round and round dealing with the whole well my friends have it.. I have done some research on my own and found he has enough testosterone already being a young male. Is there anything anyone can recommend to help him without pushing him to far. I believe that if you want to get big eat right and work-out the old fashion way... You are already predetermined to get as big as you will why push it.
    Am I being unreasonable...??
    I am sorry everyone on here is sooo above me thinking I just want what is best for my son.
    Thank you,...Concerned Parent

  2. get him some fish oil, multi vitamin, BCAAs like recoverpro, some creatine , and beta alanine and thats more than enough.

    Essentials from anabolic innovations would be good with recoverpro and some fishoil

  3. i gotta agree with that. others may not...but i have seen comments that test boosters just dont have the effectiveness when there's so much natural test already. Even if it did boost T, you have to be aware that disturbances in his natural hormones at this age could be detrimental to him going forward. Good food, intense training, and simple sups as above.

  4. also if this is the old arimatest with 6-bromo and ATD i would highly advise against anyone 16 yrs old taking a steroidal AI. he would probably see more gains with good diet, some good staples like the ones i mentioned and possibly a prewo drink , sleep supplement like animal PM, and later maybe try a nutrient partitioner. but tell him to start with the basics and see how his gains are for a few months.
  5. thank you I appreciate the responses

    I will do the recovery he had to drop to 155 to get on the varsity wrestling team as a freshman . Took him 3 months of no more wrestling to get back to 170..But cannot get past the 170...

  6. I would go with something like gaspari size on and axis labs hemodraulix. Both non steroidial and are great at putting size and pump on. Any good creatine product plus good calories would be enough at his age.

  7. I'm 17 and don't have parents concerned about me like you are. I fought the urge by myself to not take steroids or any hormonal supplements, which are CHEAP and damn easy to get at a highschool.
    Best talk to him about it and read the stickies about the under 21 prohormones.

    For a teen the best test booster is getting enough FATS, teens always seem to be afraid of fat (because they think it will make them fat?)
    Whole eggs, broccoli, flax seed oil, olive oil, and the like along with a high calorie and otherwise healthy diet are the best testosterone boosters for a teen.

    Also, the large compound lifts, squats, deadlifts and bench press will increase natural testosterone production quite considerably.

    Try to help him get started with the basics because those will help him out 10x more than any supplements.

    Being a concerned parent isn't necessarily a bad thing, for me I have always wished to have somebody to talk to about weightlifting, but it not being a school sanctioned activity I'm pretty much a loner, which only works against. Educate yourself about bodybuilding, and talk to him about it, I guarantee encouragement from the parental end will help him take things he shouldn't.
    My parents don't give a two ****s about lifting, dad wanted me to be a runner and a straight A student, and i'm not either of those things, he doesn't talk to me much now.

    Also, protein supplements can never really hurt. Hope this helps.
  8. Sorry Jurassic...

    I am sorry about your family...But as I had learned myself it will only make you stronger and when you have a family it will make you a better parent. I know that from experience.
    A being a loner only tells me you are not a follower and want to find your own way.
    Hang in there you are almost 18....

  9. just buy him some creatine (controlled labs green mag, or size on by gaspari nutrition.) and by him some cheap protien after his workout to take. that should really help his strength gains


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