Alpha burn stacked with LeanXtreme or Recreate?

  1. Alpha burn stacked with LeanXtreme or Recreate?

    As title...what do you suggest?

    even other suggestions are well accepted

  2. I've tried Alpha stacked with Recreate. Good combo, but I would dose for longer than 4wks.

    I'm currently stacking Leviathan Reloaded with AlphaBurn.

  3. thanks for the reply...

    are you liking most leviathan or recreate?

    maybe I won't be able to get leviathan,I havo to choose between those 2...

  4. I think ALPHA-T2 + Lean Xtreme is a better option...or with Recreate.

    Plus I like to shop sales and NP has a robbery deal for AT2 + LX right now
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