View Poll Results: Where do you shop for supplements

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  • Internet

    33 94.29%
  • Local Supplement Shop

    1 2.86%
  • Supermarket

    0 0%
  • Other

    1 2.86%

Where do you shop for your supplements

  1. Where do you shop for your supplements

    Where do you go for the best and cheapest supplements possible?

  2. Nutraplanet for the win!!!!!!!!!!! Nuff said

  3. There are a good variety of great products available online that cater to other than the weight-lifting niche. I seem to get freshest product buying direct from the manufacturer, the few dollars extra are worth the added quality of freshness.

  4. classified section of this forum, and other similar sites.

  5. love me some nutra but

    MOD EDIT: Considering its against the rules to post other sites since NP is the exclusive site of AM, I think some of you better review the rules before its the only thing you can read here.
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.



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