Hardcore formulations h-roid

  1. Hardcore formulations h-roid

    purchased a bottle of h-roid along with kilo sports clomed but know the clomed is ineffective as a pct. ive seen alot of reviews and posts from ppl using the product but no one stated what they used for pct any recommendations or extra info would be greatly appreciated.

  2. would like to start the cycle soon please help

  3. What were YOU thinking of using as a PCT? Alot of people come on here looking to be spoon fed information, so before I try and help you I would like you to show me that you have put in some time and effort to research this cycle.

    Also, this is in the wrong section. This should have been posted down in the anabolic's or PCT section, hroid is a steroid, not a supplement.

  4. sorry just made an account on this site a few days ago

    ok so since im pretty sure h-roid is not a progestin and is not known for causing extreme shutdown like other stronger PHs i was thinking of using natural test boosters along the line of formadrol, Arimadex, T-bomb2, or, Activate extreme.

    im pretty sure the ingredients in all of these are similar such as resveratrol and tribulus

    i chose the products above because i heard a sarm wasnt really nessary for this PH

    also if it helps this is the same formula as P-Mag, Halotest 25, and ProMagnum 25

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