On an Empty Stomach vs With Food Supps Question

  1. On an Empty Stomach vs With Food Supps Question

    I've never found an article discussing this and I've never really cared to know (but today I feel like digging a little deeper), and it's tough to do a search because you come up with supplement reviews etc instead of the kind of Q/A discussion post i'd hope this could be. So here goes...

    For supps in general that say to take on an empty stomach what do you guys do. and by that I mean that when you're eating 5 meals a day, about 3 hours apart, say at 9,12,3,6,9 for example, what's the most on an empty stomach point duing the interval?

    Right in the middle, 1 hour after eating, 1 hour before eating. This may seem like a dumb question, but I've never seen it addressed and feel like it's legitimate.

    The main thing I guess is I don't fully understand the reasoning for certain supps being on an empty stomach vs the other ones you take with food. The with food seems obvious enough to me, that you want your body to be able to absorb it more easily and/or it may be hard on your stomach to take it without food.

    So my main question, On an empty stomach, When's the best time within the 3 hour interval between meals?

    and if anyone wants to expound on the reasoning behind food vs empty stomach in general, it would be educational.


  2. I would say your best bet is 2 hrs after a meal and 1 hour before your next meal. It takes a whole food meal longer to empty from the stomach than it would a few supplement capsules or liquid supps. As for the reasoning, it could have to do with reactions occuring between food and ingredients in the supp. Or nutrient competition for uptake by the body as the body can only process so much at a time and if a supplement is taken with for example, a high fiber meal a portion of it could be swept through the digestive track unabsorbed. From personal experience I can say that it does make a big difference though. When Slim XT was legal it was much more effective on an empty stomach, Prime gave me horrible GI distress when I took it on an empty stomach (only did that once), and products containing large doses of caffeine tend to upset my stomach when taken without food.

  3. i never have an empty stomach and you shouldnt either. thats why i get a big lulz at say the pre workout stuff that says to take on empty.

  4. that depends on what you eat and how big is the meal. a combination of high fat and big molecule protein meal can stay long, if it's big, can be in your stomach for more than an hour.
    juice etc stay in stomach for less than 10 mins. whey protein shake should stay no longer than 20 mins.

    also you got to know why they ask you to take it on empty stomach. For GH booster amino acid or l-dopa, you can have it with juice but not protein things. The gap would be better more than 2 hours from any protein intake. For fat burner, you might need to avoid any carbonhydrate intake.

  5. Wrong section. Post in "supplements" for more answers.



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