Strange story about creatine use

  1. Strange story about creatine use

    Never heard of anything close to this, and personally I think the doctors are wrong...but interested in your thoughts:

  2. My guess is that he either had pre-existing kidney or liver problems or he lacks some specific enzyme that converts or regulates creatine.

    If he was 2% body fat as reported I would look into his thermo and especially his diuretic use. Seems to be the diuretics cause most of the problems in this sport but steroids get the blame. Now creatine.

  3. [QUOTE=Alt+F4]Never heard of anything close to this, and personally I think the doctors are wrong...but interested in your thoughts:[/QUOTE]

    Seen it a while ago, already fired off a letter to the editor about irresponsible reporting and bad fact checking and I'd reccomend everyone else do the same. Elevated levels of creatinine, not creatine, are what's associated with renal failure. The guy was sufferring from Rhabdomyolysis, which is a rare but well documented condition where the muscles simply break down and dissolve. It can happen as the result of injury or severe overtraining, there have been documented cases. The black urine was likely hemoglobin and myoglobin from his dissolved muscles, the other symptoms were likely caused by some severe misuse of growth hormone or some steroid.

    At 5 grams a day there's no way in hell creatine would cost 50 dollars a month, he's probably lying about the cost to cover up spending the money on the compounds that really caused his problems, or he's the worst shopper on the planet. I also know of no way in hell a person's creatine levels could jump that high, much less jump from 3500 to 9000 overnight. And how is that level determined? What unit? What standard? What's normal? Creatinine, if they did confuse them, is considered a problem over 1.5-2.0, 3500 would essenitally mean your kidneys had dissolved.

    And contrary to the article's claim, there are studies on creatine use, long and short term. It's only caused a problem with the kidneys in people who have preexisting renal problems, and there's not one documented case in medical history that I have found of creatine causing Rhabdomyolysis. Training at his level, serious abuse of steroids or GH or other compunds however can explain his symptoms and there's plenty of support for that in the medical literature.

    Keep using creatine and ignore this moron, though if it ever comes before congress you know this schmuck will testify, and no one, repeat no one will question the vercity of anything he says.

  4. So some natural guy at 5' 9" (215LBS AND 2% BF?) develops myalgia that results in tissue loss due to creatine?

    Personally I believe that the concerns suffered where brought on by DNP abuse with calories too low and training levels way too high.
    (Care to test for DNP toxcicity?)

    The rest is obviously true as well. But the apoptic response was a ATP degratory action on the membrane breakdown that followed. In short the idiot is lucky to be alive and to have survived life this long with 0 brain cells.

    BTW: It was an error when creatine was given for a test result level. It was creatinine which is a by-product of cellular energy expenditure and CP depletion such as training. Think about that and look at the numbers again.

    Then reconsider what I said about overtraining and DNP.

  5. I am so sick of these stupid ass people printing stuff in the paper that is a bunch of ****. I shot that idiot a pm too. Ya know, these people are suppose to do some sort of fact checking but no. I sent him a pm to take a look at baylor university case study. Maybe this guy did have some prexisting condition I don't know about but damn, is he that stupid.

  6. That's how supplements get banned, one idiot blames his life's misery on a supplement, soon thereafter, the media makes X supplement look like satan's creation and then the politicians feel they need to keep these evil substances away from us.

  7. Thanks for shedding light on this guys. I don't have medical background but something just sounded not right with that story. It's a little too convienient that they get to blame creatine.

  8. I hate these mother ****ing journalists. Anyway, I shot the president and publisher an pm too thanking god they do not work for the tribune. I went on to explain I understand they are trying to sell papers and not the truth. Another good website I forwarded these dumb asses was:

    This website was funded by government money and no supplement money at all. The sick thing about it is these guys control what the public thinks about. The public is so stupid and as someone else already pointed out the next thing is creatine is illegal. I also forwarded them my blood tests from a month ago, I have been taking Creatine 5 grams a day for 2 years. Mine were

    Creatinine 1.3 Normal Range .5-1.4
    Bun 23 Normal Range 7-25
    Bun/Creatine Ratio 140 Normal Range 135-146

    Doctor tells me even if my creatinine level were a little high that would not be unusual for a person with more muscle mass than the average joe.


  9. Wow, thanks guys. I figured something wasn't right, but obviously with my limited medical background I wasn't gonna figure it out. Just too bad that this **** gets printed without**** stories like this deserve the ire of the FCC, not howard stern...he preaches the truth! [/soapbox]

  10. I just enlightend the young lad myself as well as his peer's whom seem to pay his wage.

  11. Carefull, they might consider your emails to the writer "rage brought on from creatine use"..

  12. Quote Originally Posted by bigpetefox
    Carefull, they might consider your emails to the writer "rage brought on from creatine use"..
    LOL, yea. Maybe I should suggest to the compianes to call their new Creatine Ethyl Easter hci blends=RAGE!

    what, I better not, they just might do it!


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