USP Labs Jack3d and Annabolic Innovation's Recover PRO

  1. USP Labs Jack3d and Annabolic Innovation's Recover PRO

    I've decided to make a pre/during/post workout drink that I would start on prior to lifting and continue through the exercise until after i'm done. I'm simple and making three different drinks and 17 pills...

    I basically mix both of these supps in water (both lemonade flavors) and call it a day. Anyone see any issues with this combination? I still feel the stim effect from Jack3d but since this is only my 3rd workout on this mix, I can't tell how else i'm doing just yet. I'll keep ya up to date with anything positive or negative but wanted to make sure no one saw any proplems I may have overlooked.

  2. i see no problems with this, i've done the same thing but i dont' mix them, i drink the jack3d before and the recoverpro during the workout...i do this because jack3d calls for 4 oz's of water and recoverpro alittle more water but i dont' think either will counter act the other one
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  3. I mix em in 32oz of water on most days.

  4. No problem. Should make for some really good workouts.

  5. Do they taste good together?
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  6. Sounds like something I need to try.
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