kinda homebrew Q? Lipo ultra - adding 6-oxo (Androstenetrione) powder

  1. kinda homebrew Q? Lipo ultra - adding 6-oxo (Androstenetrione) powder

    I think this has been tried a few times before, but I cant find the exact info I need. its a pretty basic question for all you homebrewers though!

    anyway, I have a little natural gyno from puberty that's worth having a shot at, the theory is that I should be able to add 2g of Androstenetrione to my lipoderm ultra and apply to my chest, theres some fat stored there anyway so its not going to hurt.

    is it worth adding some gentle heat to the lipo bottle after adding it to get it all absorbed in the carrrier or will that affect the alchol in the mix?

  2. It sounds like it might work. I'm thinking that the lipo is already saturated but with heat you might get 2 more grams in there. The alcohol should be fine. You wont need to get it hot enough to evaporate it. A warm water bath should be good enough. Worst case you will end up with some undissolved powder in your product. No big thing. Let us know how it goes if you try it.

  3. my personal favorite trick is to leave the bottle on top of my computer monitor, gets warm but not hot!

    first impressions without heat show it being a touch gritty but nothing too bad, slight 6-oxo smell to it on application, seems effective though, we'll see, cant hurt.

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