Big Thank you to Jason from Better Body Sports

  1. Big Thank you to Jason from Better Body Sports

    There was about 10 of us that were waiting to get the Carnivore and Beta-Bcaa and once BBS left everyone pretty much thought we weren't going to get anything. But yesterday to my surprise I had a large package with Beta Bcaa, Carnivore, BBS T-shirt, and BBS Gym Bag ( not a little drawstring type, a large one) and I was pretty much shocked because the last time i had talked to The owner (Jason) I told him i couldn't log because i had other commitments now and he told me that he would send me Beta BCAA for free anyways. So I just wanted to say thanks to BBS for coming thru and sending me a nice Birthday present( My birthday was yesterday) .

    Thanks BBS TEAM

  2. I didnt realize BBS was still around. Havent seen them on any boards

  3. Wow, you got something? I am still waiting
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    Wow, you got something? I am still waiting
    same here
    Bulk Performance Solutions
    --No Proprietary Blends, All Performance--

    ***NOW @ NP***

  5. Mine just arrived at my folx house and I too would like to thank them. I will be logging it in 30 days as another situation poped up as this took so long so soon as I am done logging my current supplement I will jump right on it but I may do a combo as they are two different things. I will see monday my decision. I like the fact that its a 4:1:1 ratio for the bcaa. What is the glutamic acid for any how? Any one know?

  6. L-Glutamic Acid is an important metabolic factor in energy production, brain function, and the immune system, and when in combination with vitamin B-6, L-Glutamic Acid is converted into L-GLUTAMINE in the liver.

  7. So would it be better to take glutamic acid vs glutamine for absorbtion? Since glutamine has a poor bioavaliability.

  8. maybe we will get it?
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  9. yeah dj since the glutamic converts to glutamine it should be more effective than oral Glutamine supplementation. so i guess we will see how effective it is since this is one of the first bcaa products if not the first with glutamic and B6 instead of Glutamine.

  10. I am very curious too so based on that better nitrogen retention faster recovery and better MPS.


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