Anyone try protein from a co. called Muscle Feast

  1. Anyone try protein from a co. called Muscle Feast

    I was looking at a co. called Muscle Feast and they have a pretty good price
    on Micellular casein which they sell unflavored for $30 for 5 lbs and I don't
    mind it being unflavored because I plan on mixing it with a flavored whey isolate from Muscle Gauge. Has anyone tried any proteins from Muscle Feast
    if so how good was the quality. Any info would be appreciated.

  2. BUMP, seen their ad on this site...

  3. thats a good price tho, i usually ignore most advertisements. i feel like everyone online is out to steal my money

    edit: just checked the site. interested in the whey isolate, plus over $50 is free shipping. me like

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