Hyaluronic Acid

  1. Hyaluronic Acid

    Looking into taking a hyaluronic acid product for basic joint health and my to help with my herniated disc. Besides basic pills, been looking into a product called Hylarub( a lotion with hyaluronic acid) and Hylasoak (a hyaluronic acid bath salt). Anyone familiar with these products or hyaluronic acid?

  2. I use hyaluronic acid from Now Foods and if I am trying to heal an injury I take 4 caps
    a day 2 in th a.m. with breakfast and 2 in the p.m. with dinner and that works pretty
    well. When you take 4 caps a day that gives you 200mg of hyaluronic acid a day.
    When you get over your injury than you can take 2 caps a day just to help your joints
    and tendons stay healthy.

  3. Orange triad contains a nice dose of the stuff.

  4. You want to see where the hyaloronic acid is derived from. Stay away from the Sodium Hyalaurate and go for the rooster-comb derived stuff (which is more expensive - isn't it always that way?). Seriously, if you're looking for the stuff in bulk, you may try horse supply online stores for the cheapest price. HA is big in the equine world

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