Dermacrine and Tren "pulse"

  1. Question Dermacrine and Tren "pulse"

    I have here some Dermacrine (P.P. transdermal) and Tren2 Extreme.
    I was planning on pulsing the Tren and I was wondering about the dermacrine.
    What would be best to gain strength? Pulse just the tren, and continuously take the dermacrine?
    Perhaps I should pulse them both? or alternate ad use the derm as an off day thing?
    Diet is primal (no grains, just, veggies fruit meat nuts).
    My workouts are 3 on, 1 off (push,legs,pull,rest) 45-70 min
    lifts usually look like...

    1or2 warmup sets 50%, 75% 10-18 reps SLOW
    1 regular set 90% 5-10 reps
    1 Beastmode 105% usually 0-6 reps
    1 regular set 90% 5-10 reps

    I throw in my hip hop dancing about 2x a week 45min
    Also I do yoga before bed about 3x a week
    Pre: jak3d, argenine ethyl ester,
    Intra: BCAAs, Size On
    Post 30-60min: Steak(or shake), ArgEthEst, Nutmeric (700mg tumeric bioavailable in almond butter and black pepper)

    Not trying to start a log here, just want your thoughts, if you want to give them.
    Peace brothers and sisters.

  2. I don't think there are many fans of pulsing around here. Normally with a pulse you would take the PH on workout days and the support supps on non-workout days so in this case you would only take the Dermacrine on non-workout days.

    Dermacrine won't really produce much strength so should only be used to counter the shutdown and lethargy.

    I would say take the Tren and Dermacrine everyday as you will get more out of the cycle and the Dermacrine will reduce the shutdown and lethargy that comes with Tren.

  3. Bad post. Pulsing Dermacrine is a non-starter. It will help with fatigue sides.

    More research needed.

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