Joint transdermal?

  1. Joint transdermal?

    would a transdermal work using:


    maybe just a really rotten smelling batch of dmso base?
    my knee is going to $hit....

  2. buy some GLC2000 and thank me in LESS than a month best **** ive ever used for joints and thats a lot

  3. honestly that stuff didnt do that much good. i used it for 6 week at its regular dose and it didnt do much more than any regular glucosamine. the only thing that worked for me was LG's joint repair when i was a tester for it, although i havnt seen anything about it recently.

  4. just go the DMSO alone. That's always worked better transdermally than anything else for me.

  5. Try some NOW Topical Celadrin or Topical Gucosamine

    Serious Nutrition Solution ~~

    SNS/CEL Black Friday sales

  6. i'm doing better, been doing some bulk celadrin before bed, with a little cissus. also a little vpx glucosacream, looks like it's not made anymore, it was ok. i had mixed some emu oil in mine.


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