Going on a very clean lean bulk...need critique

  1. Going on a very clean lean bulk...need critique

    Right guys.....I'm hitting 9% bf and I'm away on holf for two week from next week. After I return I'll be hitting the gym for around 3 weeks before I start the following 6 week stack...

    Trifecta stack
    Anabolic Pump (got it cheap) on weights / carb days
    Extend during workout
    Sesamin to limit fat gain

    Not sure about the pre-workout. Was thinking superpump because of the profile.

    I want to put on around 6 - 8 lbs of lean mass and max 2lbs of fat.

    What do you guys think. Missing anything? Would you change anything?



  2. Its a good enough stack to produce the results you want IF diet and training are on par which im imagining they are if you are already 9% but diet and training will dictate the gains supplements will aid that process.

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