hgh and results

  1. hgh and results

    I have started taking hgh and am a week in taking 4iu 5days on 2 off my main goal is to lose my stomach, I know this will take some time, I am watching what I eat and training for a marathon so cardio is high. I would like to know if there is anything I can take which will help speed up the process of lossing my belly


  2. Hmm... normally an HGH user will dose insulin as well.

    Not 100% happy, certain IMs are needed if the cycle is like 8-weeks. We'd use an HGH booster supplement rather than shoot it.

    The cardio itself will impact on this.

    In this case I'd go for glucose repartitioning. You need low GI carbs and either Anabolic Pump or Glycobol. Glycobol is said to be the better one for recomp.

    I wouldn't go for straight fat-burners in this case: your goal is a marathon and supps are their to assist in this. I can't be more helpful 'cause I don't like the way you are approaching this.

  3. Hi, My goal is to lose my stomach fat, I am doing the training for a marathon as I really enjoy cardio and find it the most diverse and challenging. When you said you dont like the way I am approaching this please could you elaberate/explain


  4. Sorry HGH would be IC.

  5. sorry if im being stupid her but ic??



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