prime/T-force stack

  1. prime/T-force stack

    Hows it going, first time poster had a quick question hoping you guys could help me answer. After all the great reviews of prime and my sucess thus far with USP products i've decided to run a 8 week stack of prime and t-force. I was planning on running Prime 5 on 2 off at 9 caps a day and t-force 5 on and 2 off a 4 caps a day. Does that look alright? Also was considering off-setting the days like prime mon-fri and t-force wed-sun but im open to any feedback .
    Thanks again for anyone who can give me a hand.

  2. Sound good, im thinking of doing the same except run T-force every day at 4 caps.

  3. Just finished week 3 of a Prime/T-force 8 week run and I am feeling great. I am doing 8 Prime and 4 T-force dosing with no off days.
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  4. just dose both @ 5days on 2 off to which each prime and tforce bottles will last you a month each dont have to megadose the prime and itll just end up making you buy extra unnecessary bottles.

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