Cortisol and GH accelarate Fat loss..?

  1. Cortisol and GH accelarate Fat loss..?

    This taken from the book: Everything you need to know about fat loss...By Chris Aceto

    When body is subject to long periods of low blood glucose it responds by releasing more GH. in addition to GH the body also increase the release of cortisol, GH causes fat cells to break down liberating additional fatty acids and glycerol from body fat stores.
    While cortisol got a bum rapt has the potential to chew up muscle tissue which lowers the metabolic rate in this case it chew up fat.


    What do you think guys?

  2. Does this also mean you would want a relativly low blood sugar level by the time you go to sleep?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ryox82 View Post
    Does this also mean you would want a relativly low blood sugar level by the time you go to sleep?
    in this part i`m clear when you eat carbs the body negates GH releases..........BAAADDDD!!!!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by monstermash View Post
    Do you have the studies he used to base this claim?

    Sounds interesting. So he is basically saying while on low-carb avoid cortisol modulating supps?
    is a book bud!

  5. I've always wondered how the people on Survivor don't seem to lose a whole lot of muscle mass. Granted it's only up to 39 days that they're there but they're pretty much starving for that whole time. Also, they get absolutely SHREDDED in that time.

  6. The Carb Cycling Codex
    Gain muscle and lose fat optimally!
    by Christian Thibaudeau

    On the other hand, glucagon, which is insulin's antagonistic hormone, promotes the mobilization and utilization of stored nutrients, including glycogen and amino acids. When your diet is low in carbs, your glucagon levels skyrocket, putting you into mobilization/breakdown mode instead of building/anabolic mode.
    We also have to mention that without ingesting carbs, it's harder to have intense strength training sessions. It's true that some amino acids can be "turned into" glucose via gluconeogenesis, and that ketone bodies can be used for fuel after proper adaptation has set in. But truth be told, a low/no carb diet makes you lose your capacity to train hard in the gym.

    You also risk losing muscle mass because your body might very well decide to break up muscle tissue into amino acids to create new glucose! You could literally burn down the walls to heat the house!

    Lastly, the conversion of T4/thyroxine (the relatively inactive thyroid hormone) to T3/triiodothyronine (the active thyroid hormone) is greatly impaired when insufficient carbs are consumed. A lower level of T3 leads to a drop in metabolism and this makes losing fat much harder.

    i use TT-33 with EC and is AWESOME stuff really AWESOME!

  7. I was just about to run LG Ghenerate with Suppress C to cut some bodyfat. Are you saying that I could better use the Cortisol to my advantage by just increasing my Growth Hormone level and then run the Suppress C down the road?

    I have read that increased Cortisol inhibits Growth Hormone levels. So in that sense it seems like they would be good stacked together.

  8. every person is different look this i found:

    Arginine, Growth Hormone and NO Supplements
    By: Jerry Brainium

    There are other problems too. For example, you canít take any other amino acids or protein with arginine, since free amino acids compete for uptake. The presence of other amino acids in the blood is enough to blunt GH release. The same holds true for fat and carbohydrate, as GH is best released when your blood glucose and blood fat are low. That explains why taking a GH-boosting supplement before bed with any type of food renders it useless.

    Even under the best conditions, only 60 percent of orally taken arginine is absorbed, and of that 10 percent is rapidly metabolized in the liver, which leaves 50 percent of the dose in the blood plasma. Thatís seven times less than the dose you need to induce GH secretion.

  9. I think it would've been best to grab some EndoAmp because it doesn't kill cortisol, just manages the spikes. It also has the added benefit of increasing GH. I love the stuff!

  10. maybe this sounds contradictable

    before bed i use:

    10g glutamine
    5g BCAA
    3g AAKG
    4 pills of LG I-GH1
    1 pill iForce TT-33

    and DAMN IT i sleep like a baby i feel more LEAN and the body recomposition is awesome

  11. Quote Originally Posted by MAxximal View Post
    Even under the best conditions, only 60 percent of orally taken arginine is absorbed, and of that 10 percent is rapidly metabolized in the liver, which leaves 50 percent of the dose in the blood plasma. Thatís seven times less than the dose you need to induce GH secretion.

    If you take a 1g dose of arginine and 60% is absorbed that is 600mg, 10% of that metabolized by the liver leaves 540mg or 54%.

  12. DOSING

    If you are using L-arginine or arginine alpha-ketoglutarate to boost NO levels, you will need to take in 3-5 grams at each dose. If the form is arginine ethyl ester, you can drop the dose to 2-3 g, due to its better uptake. If your purpose is to boost GH levels, you will need to take about 9 g for maximum effect. This is likely due to the fact that 3-5 g of the arginine you take will be readily converted in the body to NO. Therefore, it requires an extra few grams to bump up GH levels. If using arginine ethyl ester, you can probably get away with doubling the dose to about 6 g.

  13. FORM
    The most common forms of arginine you are likely to see for sale are L-arginine, arginine alpha-ketoglutarate and arginine ethyl ester. The simplest form ó one that's been available the longest ó is L-arginine, which is arginine by itself. Research studies confirm that this form of arginine is effective for boosting GH and NO levels. Yet some scientists have reported that L-arginine is somewhat poorly absorbed by the body.
    Some of the newer forms of arginine appear to be better absorbed and utilized. Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate is composed of two arginine molecules attached to an alpha-ketoglutarate molecule. This newer form of arginine is believed to be absorbed more easily by the intestines. The alpha-ketoglutarate molecule is a precursor to the amino acid glutamine. Several studies show that this form of arginine increases strength and muscle gains. Another new form of arginine, arginine ethyl ester, is arginine with an ester group (an acid and an alcohol) attached to it. The addition of the ester group enhances the ability of arginine to pass across cell membranes such as the intestines, which allows for easier absorption and utilization by the body, as well as other tissues such as muscles.

  14. Let me know what you guys think of this. I am just about to end a cycle of M14e. I have decided to use my SERM with Diesel Test Hardcore; after 1-2 weeks I am going to add in Suppress C. After PCT is completely over I will then run the LG Ghenerate along with Reset AD; this should help increase GH and stabilize adrenal function (Cortisol release etc.)

  15. Soon i will test this stack......

    Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (AAKG)
    Arginine Pyroglutamate

    The Cortisol is an issue MUCH blow my azz and low too


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