1. T-boosters

    I'm looking for something to add to boost testosterone levels at the lowest possible cost. What are the best supplements out there for this? I'm considering Formadrol Extreme XL and this seems like the best option. HGHup is tempting but I've heard it doesnt actually do anything. Diesel Test pro-cyucle is a little more expensive but i might shell out if people say what it does and if it is a big help. I am also wondering if i could save money by just buying straight Tribulus Terrestris and using that.

  2. By the way I'm trying to mimic the effects of and androstenediol or legit testosterone or HGH supplement.

  3. Take a good look at HyperTEST. It has nice bang for the buck. Stoked looks good too.

    good luck
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  4. the cheapest will be trib.i personally dont like it though. ur best bet for purely test boost is testoPRO. if u want a decent test increase with lots of libido, take sustain alpha. DTP is great, but i dont like taking that only as a test booster. i only take that during PCT or post PCT
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  5. if u want a nice test stack with AMAZING gains in strength (if u have the money) stack testoPRO or pretty much any other test booster you want with Prime by USP labs.
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  6. HGHUP did sod all for me.

    Activate Xtreme was fantastic for recovery, Stoked didn't do much. Haven't ran any other t-boosters.

  7. Phyto-testosterone caps from Primordial Performance. TNA from Usp labs if you can get your hands on it. ( it was a limited release, sad )

  8. ive taken HGHup before. didnt see alot from it. HGH is supposed to be ran over a long period of time so this may be the reason why. who knows
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  9. its all about RPM!!! excellent results with cheap prices. try it


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