cellucor d4.... should i take it too?

  1. cellucor d4.... should i take it too?

    I recently bought cellucor d4 for my girlfriend because she wanted a fat loss Supp to take. I happen to receive a $200 gift card from gnc as a prize from my work and wanted to just use it up so I loaded up on protein and protein bars but she had told me she really wanted the Jillian fat burner stuff...... I had no desire to use my gift card foe that crap. So I had the guy there order me this stuff because the reviews for it have been decent and I had to get her something....... but the main question here is should I take it as well??? Ill give you an insight on what I'm doing. I am geting into shape for football and I'm a rather big dude at 6'3" 285lbs, and I play defensive end. I'm currently taking whey and caesin protein, prime, premax, creapure, multi, vitamin d, bcaa's, and beta alanine. I work out hard in the gym and I want to be strong but I would like to cut some of the fat off me for the beach season. Now I know gaining muscle and losing weight are polar opposites but I'm hoping that the metabolism boost will help with the appetite for my 5 to 6 meals per day. And in the end if it can help shed the unnecessary fat around my waist that would be great.

  2. come on guys. give me some feedback here

  3. I definitly think you should cut some weight, whether or not you need the help of a supplement at this point is questionable... Focus on diet and cardio, see how your weight reacts, then consider adding D4. Keep weight training and protein high and keep up lots of small meals possibly try some HIIT training?

  4. fasted cardio and lowering cals (carbs first IMO) keep a lock on ur diet and then when u stop losing fat add in D4, and id say a nutrient partitioner nd then lower carbs some more.

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