Please check out my Hdrol/Furuza cycle

  1. Please check out my Hdrol/Furuza cycle

    Goals to cut fat while keeping muscle.

    178cm (5`11)
    90kg (195)



    Clomi (its liquid and 1ml =35mg)
    T-force (natty test boost)
    5 on 2 off 6 weeks
    Stoked (as directed on bottle)

    I also am taking an array of supplements for preworkout, fat burn, liver, heart, multi vits, ZMA, and protein and amino acid supplements.

    Question #1

    Should I take more furuzu?

    Question #2

    Am I taking too much AI with stoked and 6bromo?

  2. You would get better answers in the Anabolics subsection but from what i know and see it seems fairly solid i cant imagine more in a PCT is worse. It seems fine but then again im not expert on PH's i have never taken one.

  3. U need to almost double the dose and run it the whole time too.

    Plus u dont need 6bromo and stoked. Overkill.

  4. wrong forum.
    Forget but Furuzadrol looks a bit underdosed

  5. 1- dose the Fura between 200-300mgs

    2- probably dont need both those

  6. Thanks for your responses!!
    Hopefully it will be a good run

  7. thinkin about running similar pretty soon


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