ALABAMA....anyone from here please read this

  1. Please don't post the same post in multiple forums.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  2. Good God man, only posted it twice and b/c it was an extremely time sensitive issue that could make the difference of keeping PH legal an extra year -and- that may have been overlooked in only one forum

  3. Customizer, thank you for taking the time from your business to make a difference...

  4. hey let's hope this will put up a good fight, the first time in history we can buy supps that make a difference and they could all be pulled as we have become political pawns that can be used as re-election ammunition

  5. Customizer, shot you a PM what's the deal?


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