ALABAMA....anyone from here please read this

  1. ALABAMA....anyone from here please read this

    If you are a consumer from Alabama, please contact me via e-mail and I will forward you a petition from the USFA to protect your supplement rights.. We need to get these out, signed and faxed in no later than Monay. This would really help the USFA out with the fight.

    Thanks, Dave

    [email protected]

  2. Please don't post the same post in multiple forums.

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  3. Good God man, only posted it twice and b/c it was an extremely time sensitive issue that could make the difference of keeping PH legal an extra year -and- that may have been overlooked in only one forum

  4. Customizer, thank you for taking the time from your business to make a difference...

  5. hey let's hope this will put up a good fight, the first time in history we can buy supps that make a difference and they could all be pulled as we have become political pawns that can be used as re-election ammunition

  6. Customizer, shot you a PM what's the deal?


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