Post Workout Protein

  1. Post Workout Protein

    So I am almost out of my tub of ON Whey protein and I happen to have a tub of Scivation Solution 5 that I haven't touched yet.

    Solution 5 (2.6lbs) By: Scivation

    My question is, do I get another tub of ON Whey or would it be possible to use the Solution 5 post workout and achieve the same benefits? Solution 5 is a total meal replacement (also containing 21 grams of protein). Since meals (aka real food) are always preferable to a protein drink, would a meal replacement shake that has a nutrient profile of a balanced meal also be better than a whey shake?

    I don't know why I haven't used the Solution 5 yet, but I hate to let it just sit there and waste, what are your thoughts on using it Post W/O?

  2. Im not familiar with the product but it sounds like it would work well. I like to take 30-40 grams of protein post workout depending on what my pw meal is but maybe you could mix in some whey with the meal replacement. I would imagine its a little more pricey than normal whey, as most meal replacment are. Another option would be to use it as a bridge between meals....just some ideas

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